Delogue offers free license to students and new graduates
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26 Jun Free Delogue Student license

The students of today holds much more digital literacy than just 5 years ago. They are able to use digital devices and platform intuitive and thus create opportunities with them already while studying.

As designers surround themselves with a lot of ideas, it can be a difficult task to have them under control and remember details about them.
Delogue is an easy way to create a system to fit in the ideas.

If you are a student or have just graduated, you have the opportunity to get a FREE Delogue Student license while you are studying plus a year after your graduation.
This gives you the opportunity to work with your ideas in a professional setting.

As the student license does not include support from the Delogue team, Delogue invites you to a workshop with the objective to introduce new users to the possibilities with Delogue. This will be twice a year and in collaboration with KEA.