How can small companies benefit from using Delogue
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21 Oct How can small companies benefit from Delogue?

Swedish clothing brand MASKA was founded in 2009 with a mission to design quality sustainable garments where yarn, fabric and design come together in perfect harmony.

Dedicated to creating exceptional clothes while combining elaborate structures and excellent handwork, MASKA has created a commercially available and high in demand clothing line.   Starting out with just one collection consisting of a range of cardigans, fast forward to today where MASKA has launched several collections that include both knitwear and woven garments such as shirts, trouser and coats in coordinated collections for both autumn and spring.


We had a talk with Maria Svensson, CEO of MASKA,  about using Delogue as their product management tool, and how it “saves time while the quality of the work has increased with less forgotten details”:

“It was wonderful to stop working with Excel sheets being the only buyer without an assistant in the company. I think Delogue will make it possible to stay without a purchasing assistant for longer. Our designer works from Barcelona and she can easily collaborate as well as our freelance pattern constructor. She uploads patterns and m-lists directly without sending them to me first which saves a lot of time. Most of our suppliers collaborate directly in Delogue and it is very helpful to have all conversation around one style in Delogue connected with that style instead of having them in many emails. One supplier does not log in to Delogue but then it is very easy to print out a style and email and the layout is professional and easy to read” – Maria Svensson explains.

With a production primarily based in Europe, MASKA has a lot of communication back and forth with designers and suppliers, and this is one of the reasons why Maria Svensson thought to implement Delogue in their business. According to Maria Svensson, many small companies could benefit from choosing the correct PDM-tool to optimize their work and save time.

“I’m very optimistic regarding Delogue, and I wish I had started sooner, cause it does save time. We did not need any help from the support-team, cause it was so easy to learn how Delogue works.” – Maria Svensson elaborates.

MASKA’s strategy is to grow through a global network of selected stockists and e-commerce, and their designs are currently available at about 60 stockists in 13 countries.