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28 Feb Integration between Delogue and Traede!

Export product data from Delogue to Traede

With the new integration between Delogue and Traede, it has never been easier to move from production to sales.

When you have added styles in Delogue, you can simply export your data and import it to Traede. Thereby, you do not have to maintain data more than one place.

This possibility allows you to start selling your new products effectively and, at the same time, use less time on manual processes. This means time to focus on increasing your brand value.

Get started today! Reach out to the team from Traede or Delogue for more information.

About Traede

Traede is a solution for brands to manage sales and connect to global retailers.

They help you creating effective sales processes and scale your business. Furthermore, with this platform, you are able to receive orders 24/7, manage your sales process from A-Z and handle everything from campaigns to reporting. All in a very easy and clear way.