Sustainable sourcing by Green Cotton - Case story
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26 Jan Sustainable sourcing by Green Cotton


Green Cotton is an eco-friendly subsidiary company to Novotex, a danish textile company established in 1983 by founder Leif Nørgaard. Novotex has since the late 80s been focusing on sustainability and has gained a great recognition using only eco-friendly fabrics and textiles. With a pioneer status on the danish and international textile scene, Novotex and By Green Cotton have through the years received multiple awards for their sustainability profile. One of these awards in particular was the EBEAFI (European Better Environment Awards for Industry) which the company received in 1988.


Today, both Novotex and By Green Cotton have numerous certifications like GOTS, Oeko-tex 100 and the European Eco-label, to ensure that the products of these brands are sustainable, without toxins and cruelty free.

“Due to our work with sustainable sourcing and our various certifications, documentation is one of the most important factors. This is why we see IT-tools as a very big help, when it comes to managing documentation” – says Sanne Nørgaard, Managing Director at Green Cotton.


Green Cotton is planning to develop and establish various brands, where they will stand as a guarantee, that the products are certified as the most eco-friendly option. Green Cotton will be a solid foundation that customers can look to and trust, without having to worry about the sincerity within the brand.

Currently, Green Cotton has established Fred’s World by Green Cotton, a children’s clothing company using only 100% organic cotton, and in the fall of 2015 Müsli by Green Cotton was introduced as a series of quality lifestyle garments and children’s clothing.

Working with multiple brands, one of the challenges for a company like By Green Cotton, is keeping track of all the valuable information regarding  product development: “When transferring a season from Delogue to our ERP system, the certifications are already connected with our suppliers, which means our products are getting marked with our certifications before we start selling it. This makes it easier to follow up on a season, and to document which different certified products that have been purchased and sold.” – Sanne Nørgaard explains.


By using Delogue in their daily work, Green Cotton can skip time consuming steps (like making sure that each product is documented with the right certification) cause this task has already been done many steps ago within the Delogue platform.

“We always work with the focus of documenting everything, and would never choose a tool that doesn’t support this.” – Sanne concludes.

Going into 2016, By Green Cotton plans to develop and nurture more brands equal to the quality and design of their already existing brands. In that plan Delogue looks forward to being able to support and help this great and eco-friendly company developing further.