All it takes is a single source of truth for SOS Sportswear brand
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02 May All it takes is a single source of truth

Being one of the biggest brands in Scandinavia, when it comes to producing outerwear, means that SOS Sportswear has to meet several needs, in order to keep the company flourishing. A transparent way of working and communicating is vital, but sometimes it’s easier said than done when handling a company in fast growth. At SOS Sportswear, they work with a single source of truth, hereby making room and time for the creative process to evolve.


SOS Sportswear was established in Sweden in 1982. The company instantly became a part of a new generation of freestylers, who lived to challenge the everyday life. SOS Sportswear was founded by Ole Damm and Anita Heske, and the company is still led and owned by the couple. Since the incorporation more than thirty years ago, the company has gone global without ever losing the dedication and inspiration that brought them there in the first place.

Staying faithful to the concept of innovating, SOS wants to keep exploring new ideas while inspiring their customers. In the spirit of this, SOS recently introduced their new collection called “Black Snow” that is meant to create a new visual identity to supplement the SOS brand.


SOS Sportswear recently began a collaboration with Delogue, as a solution to keep track of all the information surrounding their product development. We had a talk with Purchase Manager Kenneth Berntsen about how they felt about implementing the Delogue platform and what value Delogue will add to SOS Sportswear brand: “We saw an advantage in Delogue in regards to having all information and communication gathered in one place. We work with many details and elements in our production – and because of that, we need to build a lot of structure surrounding the entire process. We believe that Delogue can help us add that structure.” – Kenneth Berntsen explains.

He adds, that introducing Delogue has been an excellent process even though there’s always the question of getting used to a new platform – both for internal users and for the suppliers. In all regards, they are well on their way in their daily use of Delogue.


In every company, no matter the size, there’s always a certain flow of information that needs to go from A to B, however little time available for sorting that information and making sure that nothing gets lost in the process.

Organizing all information in one single place, where everyone can access to create, share and manage various products, is a simple way to ensure a transparent product development. At SOS Sportswear they recognized this, and by implementing Delogue, they hope to see a noticeable change: “We expect to gain a better structure, a faster flow of information, fewer misunderstandings and an easier access to information regarding all elements in our production”- Kenneth explains.

Adding the right amount of structure within a company, will ultimately lead to the right level of transparency which is needed for a company to oversee every aspect of a business. This structure is not easily found but making it a focal point is the first step of developing and enhancing your company. At SOS they have an ambitious set of goals, which they plan to reach through a strong sense of branding combined with an improved product management: “In the future, our ambition is that SOS Sportswear will be an even more significant brand in the industry. We are already a well-known company with a noticeable brand, and we need to transform this into growth for our business.” – Kenneth elaborates.

Being able to help with this development through our platform, is one of the reasons why we at Delogue, are pleased to be able to provide an efficient solution for unique brands like SOS Sportswear.”In the fast paced world of SOS, we see Delogue supporting our brand by helping us making all ends meet in an efficient way.” 

To learn more about SOS Sportswear, visit their website here.