The Bodycover Group gains time using product development tool
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15 Jul The Body Cover Group gains time by more efficient development process flow

The Body Cover Group, the driving force behind the body fashion brands After Eden, Boobs & Bloomers and Nicky Nobel Beach wear, was looking for a more efficient flow of the development process of its collections. With Delogue, the online Product Data Management Tool and supplier portal in one, the team works more efficiently and they are capable to realize their desired growth plans faster.


Replace Excel to improve efficiency

“Monitoring the development process of collections in Excel works, but it is just not very convenient.”, says Dora Berk, Head of Buying at The Body Cover Group. “Lists have to be manually updated and phone and email correspondence cannot be viewed from Excel lists. We were looking for a way to keep better control during the development of our collections.”

Body Cover Group has found the solution in Delogue, the online PDM tool and supplier portal in one. “Now that we work in Delogue, all information and communication is available per article. It is actually a combination of a plan and an email system. We, as well as our suppliers can directly see what the status per article is, without having to search for information. That works enormously pleasant.”

Overview and peace

Dora Berk continues: “For all people involved, as well internally as at our supplier, it is clear when artworks and lab dips have been sent and approved. On top of that, Delogue monitors and alerts us about what actions need to be taken internally or at our suppliers. It makes our lives a lot easier.

This way of working brings overview into our organization. And because we are no longer cluttered by incoming mails, we are able to focus on important issues.”

“It makes that we can spend more time on our collections. We are a very ambitious company with big plans for the future. With Delogue we create time to realize our dreams, without having to hire extra people.”