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Delogue is an online platform for product development and communication, where you can gather all your styles and communicate with your team and suppliers in a transparent and intuitive way.

Product data management

A single source of truth

With Delogue, you create, share and manage all your product data in one place. Company knowledge is shared and those who need to take action are always updated. At the same time, it allows you to spend more time with your products and do what you are good at.

“With a complete visualization of our supply chain, Delogue was an easy choice, as the buyers and creatives have an overview right from the start.”

Therese Niko Bush, Brand Director at Day Birger et Mikkelsen

Delogue screen showcasing interior design items
Delogue platform showcasing communication, dashboard and report sections

Online sharing & collaboration

Easy access to knowledge

Invite your team and suppliers, and start collaborating! In Delogue, you communicate internally and directly with your suppliers. With all the information gathered in one place, it is easier to share and build a transparent workflow.

“We have a strong visual tool that facilitates the communication of our employees across companies and borders. They can come even closer together, enabling them to optimize the overall workflow of the company’s processes.”

Mogens Jensen, CFO at UTG (United Textile Group)

Process management

Know your next task

Create your to-do lists and get a complete overview of all your designs and production tasks. Monitor and follow the development of your products at every stage of the process.

“With Delogue, we see an advantage in quickly being able to overlook the course of action and see what has been agreed on along the way.”

Anne Kargaard, Project Manager at Kvadrat

Delogue dashboard iMac screen

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Trusted by our users

Therese Niko Busch brand director at Day Birger et Mikkelsen
Brand Director at Day Birger et Mikkelsen

Our continuous growth demands an even bigger focus on our collection development process. With a complete visuialization of our supply chain, Delogue was an easy choice, as the buyers and creatives have an overview right from the start.

Elisabeth Edelstam junior designer at Stutterheim
Assistant Buyer at Mini Rodini

Delogue seemed like the perfect solution for a growing company like Mini Rodini and thanks to the short startup period it has been running very smoothly for us.

Christina Pettersson Buyer at Notes du Nord
Christina Pettersson
Buyer at Notes du Nord

Delogue minimizes the daily amount of emails between our team and suppliers. Communication takes place at the style level, making it easy for everyone to keep up to date on decisions made by design, construction or purchasing. The system has been very easy to implement, it is very intuitive and we can not get your hands down with the excitement!

Lina Jonsson Buying Director at Efva Attling Stockholm
Buying Director at Efva Attling Stockholm AB

Delogue is a very easy tool to help keep track of your product development, and it is fast to learn and simple to use. No need for long introductions or start-up periods as you might have when introducing other types of systems.

Lili Denta CEO at Sourcing House and Managing director at Stella Nova Copenhagen
CEO at Stella Nova

Working with so many different customers on a Global scale challenges our every day – just keeping up with changes and communication. We trust that Delogue with time can ease our work considerably and give us the complete history and status overview in just one click.