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Our Mission

There is this notion that developing and designing products is a complicated process, one where it is difficult to organize and track data, process and workflows. We believe there is a better way to develop products. One that requires less resources and one that helps designers & production professionals perform better. That is why we have created Delogue PLM – a collaborative software platform that creates transparency and helps structure data, process and workflows.

Our Story

Delogue PLM was founded by Rikke Biehl back in 2011, after years of working as a professional buyer. Struggling with shorter lead times, collection complexity and order fragmentation, she identified the need for a solution to gather the work of buyers, designers, managers and suppliers.With a vision to ease the process of product development and design, Delogue PLM was born as a collaborative workspace for product data and knowledge.

Our Platform

Connecting your designers, buyers and manufacturers with a single source of truth, means no more searching for information, product comments, deadlines, collection items and much more. Delogue PLM organizes your daily work allowing you to spend more time with your products.

Product data and specifications

Gather all your product data and specifications in one single platform. Delogue PLM is the backbone to your business, where you gather all design and product related information. Your data is stored in a private online database letting you work in- and out of office.

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Process and workflow

Gain an overview of all your design and production processes. Delogue PLM is the easiest way to improve internal workflows. Our online solution enables you to always work with real-time data, and make sure all stakeholders are aligned. Know your next task and manage deadlines to always be one step ahead.

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Collaboration and communication

Communication is an undeniable aspect of growing a business. Delogue PLM lets you communicate on all levels of your processes to streamline collaboration across your departments and with suppliers. Communicating has never been so easy.

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Our community


Users work with Delogue PLM everyday to create, share and manage product data


Countries are connected with Delogue PLM across Europe, Asia and Oceania


Manufacturers have joined the family since 2011

We want to support that your valuable time is spent on innovating products to build a more sustainable supply chain.”

Rikke Biehl, Founder and CXO

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