Dea Kudibal saves time using Delogue

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Time is precious, saving time is a challenge. We talked with Dea Kudibal to understand how they use Delogue to minimize errors and improve communication.

About Dea Kudibal

The Danish brand Dea Kudibal is synonymous with high-quality craftsmanship, details, playful colors, and affordable prices, which is expressed in their exclusive scarves, shawls, and clothing. Dea Kudibal was first founded in 2003 with focus on scarves and shawls, and in 2008 they introduced a clothing line.

The collections started to grow and they experienced a need for a better solution to control the product development process: “That was when we knew that we had a problem – and a need. We couldn’t physically handle it the way we did before” – explains Michaela Ritsing, purchaser at Kudibal.

The brand chose Delogue and got started in May 2014: “We had filed three sheets of paper with critical questions and Delogue easily answered them all”- says Michaela. Therefore, Delogue was the solution to the biggest problems Dea Kudibal team was dealing with.

With a background in product development, it has even easier for Dea Kudibal to get started with Delogue and their wishes to develop the system: “Delogue is really good at showing the value of our input and feedback. We really appreciate this, and this also means that we are more likely to go to Delogue when a problem or wish arise”.

We like to have stability and structure – and we get this with Delogue. It is really fantastic!” – Vicky Bjerknes, Designer at Kudibal.

Dea Kudibal has experienced that Delogue helps them to minimize errors and gives a better communication, both internally and externally: “We like to have stability and structure – and we get this with Delogue. It is really fantastic!” – highlights Vicky Bjerknes, designer at Kudibal.

By using the system, the team is also saving time in the whole process. Michaela mentioned the price list as an example: “Before Delogue, I used a lot of time making these lists. Now, it takes 5 minutes, and I have 3 different lists in 3 different countries. I love it and so the suppliers!”

Dea Kudibal’s suppliers have also been positive about using Delogue because it is easy to understand and use: “It is super cool to be able to invite new suppliers to Delogue. You show that you are a serious company”- says Gitte Rasmussen, designer at Kudibal. We couldn’t be happier with this feedback.

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