Better, faster and stronger communication

It’s all about better, faster and stronger communication at UTG. Mogens Jensen – CFO at UTG – shared a few words with us, explaining why they have chosen Delogue and their expectations to use the platform as both a management and communication tool.

About UTG

UTG (United Textile Group) is a private label manufacturer of jersey products specialized in design, production and logistics. The company was founded in 1968, and has now a strategic placement in Europe and The East with design teams and regular suppliers all over the world.

“Fashion in front. People behind” – their authentic slogan doesn’t lie and it reflects the group’s mission to create value and meet customers expectations through unique designs and sustainable production. Fashion is, indeed, a big part of UTG’s inspiration and drive to spot trends, explore new materials and chase potential opportunities.

Better, faster and stronger communication

We talked with UTG about their process and own understanding of the fashion industry in an era where sustainability and automation are more than buzzwords. Mogens Jensen – CFO at UTG – shared a few words with us, explaining why they have chosen Delogue and their expectations to use the platform as both a management and communication tool

>After a deep research to find the right PDM system, UTG decided to implement Delogue based on a mutual understanding of the company’s business processes and challenges when it comes to keeping track of each employee and department workflow. Moreover, Mogens confessed that there was a good chemistry between UTG and Delogue, and that Delogue had the x-factor they were looking for.

Going back to the time UTG started using Delogue, Mogens recognized that only the implementation process could have been done differently: “(…) It was our own decision, but we should have used more time for internal training of our users – and this is what we are getting ready for.” – he says.</

In line with this, we asked Mogens what has the company achieved so far in using the platform: “We’ve got a better overview of all our different styles and their status. In addition, we have a strong visual tool that facilitates the communication of our employees across companies and borders – this includes our teams in Denmark, Ukraine, Lithuania, Turkey and Bangladesh. We have great expectations for Delogue. Despite the geographical distances and major cultural differences, our employees can come even closer together, enabling them to optimize the overall workflow of the company’s processes.” – explains Mogens.

Approaching the future – what’s there to come

The last part of our session with Mogens was dedicated to the future of product development in the fashion industry. He identified the need to continuously analyse UTG’s production processes to (always) deliver the best quality products. He also pointed out why Delogue is part of UTG’s strategy for the upcoming years:

“Time is money – a factor that will continue influencing the fashion industry – and expectations are high for an even faster production. This requires an overview of all the individual styles and the entire production process. Here, it’s where we say ‘Delogue’ – it will make a crucial difference for UTG in being one of the absolute best global private label producers in the upcoming years.”

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