How Hummel created transparency in a growing global organization

Hummel is growing, and so are the challenges and responsibilities as a global brand. In the growing process, Hummel quickly identified a gap in their communication between employees and external suppliers. They experienced that unclear communication was an obstacle for improving efficiency and working with transparency across all departments.

recognizing the transparency challenge

Teamwork, rapid market responsiveness, close supply chain partnerships, authentic expressive designs, and storytelling are the goals defined by Hummel to create a sustainable business with personality – a process in which Hummel recognized communication as a necessary ingredient to maintaining transparency.

Sussi Joan Rokkedahl, Product Development Coordinator at Hummel, told us about the company growth and explains how communication was identified as an important module in preserving transparency at all levels of the supply chain:

“In order to meet customer needs, we have made changes and additions throughout the product development flow, which makes communication between colleagues and suppliers extremely important.”


Improving transparency through communicating

Delogue PLM fulfilled all of Hummel’s requirements to make communication with suppliers more efficient and transparent. They had full access to the Delogue PLM support team, so the implementation was quick and smooth. Hummel’s teams and suppliers were now able to collaborate and communicate at all levels, internally and externally, to create better products and improve transparency throughout the entire supply chain.

“Delogue is hugely intuitive and it is, therefore, an easy system to work with. It is important for us as employees, but far more important, it is equally easy for our suppliers. If the portal is easy for them to work with, we can ensure that all communication takes place in Delogue and we can spend time on the essential parts of the process rather than spending time on administrative tasks.” – Sussi concludes.

We are proud to help Hummel meet their challenges and contribute to improving transparency in their global organization. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Hummel in becoming an even bigger player in the global market.

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