How JBS streamlined workflows by connecting global departments with delogue plm

As a global multi brand company, JBS has offices in Sweden, China, Dhaka and Denmark. Struggling to connect workflows across all the different offices, a significant challenge for JBS has been to maintain efficiency throughout the entire supply chain. In order to ensure a smooth and effective workflow, JBS saw the need to improve connections between the international offices.

Struggling with ineffective workflows

For JBS, it’s all about making everyday clothing, everyone can enjoy. The desire to meet a fast-moving market required more effective and structured daily workflows, to monitor their process from idea to finished sales samples. Working with small post-its, excel sheets and information in individual mailboxes, while juggling 16 brands and private label production, JBS acknowledged the need for a redesigned workflow routine.

Therefore, they began to look for a solution to connect departments in order to implement efficiency as a core basis for the entire organization.

Organizing processes to align global departments

JBS decided to implement Delogue PLM and in just a few months later, they had already experienced a huge positive impact on how Delogue PLM facilitates the managing of their daily work processes. 

Daniel Kirk Sørensen, Sales/Buying Manager CCO at JBS Textile Group A/S, shared a few words with us about their search for a solution that could control all steps and deadlines that they needed to meet the challenge:

“Delogue is now the online communication platform we are using between design, product development, pattern designers, buyers, merchandisers, QC and suppliers. Communication about prices, designs, deadlines etc., in local mailboxes is now over and we share all information with each other in Delogue. This is a huge help for us and there is not a week where I don’t hear employees talking to each other about how much easier their job is after we implemented Delogue.” – Daniel states.
Onboarding the Suppliers

With many different offices around the world, it was important for JBS that they could easily implement Delogue PLM for all suppliers. Therefore, they were pleased to implement a user-friendly and intuitive solution able to do the tasks, processes, overviews and add value for the suppliers as well. JBS was happy to experience that several suppliers already knew Delogue PLM from other customers, which made the onboarding process much easier.

We are proud to help JBS grow better by focusing on the core values of their business; making textiles and launching valuable products, instead of spending their time on handling data.

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