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Accelerate product development with a pricing plan that supports your growth



Per user per month, billed annually

The essential

Minimum 3 users

Unlimited Supplier Logins

Data Storage 100GB

Free Mail Support

Added Security

Two-Factor Authentication

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Per user per month, billed annually

The professional

Same as Business +

Data Storage 200GB

Price Simulation


Advanced Style Boards

+ Key Account Manager & Annual Team Training

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Contact for a Quote

Per user per month, billed annually

The large organization

50+ users

Data Storage Unlimited

Price Simulation


Advanced Style Boards

+ Key Account Manager & Annual Team Training


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Account Business Professional Enterprise
Minimum users 3 3 50
Supplier logins Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data storage 100GB 200GB Unlimited
Support Mail support + Key Account Manager & Annual Team Training + Key Account Manager & Annual Team Training
Two-factor authentication
Category Management Business Professional Enterprise
Visual collection overview
Target prices and margins
Collection print Default Customizable Customizable
Product Specifications Business Professional Enterprise
Easy drag drop of all file formats
Bills of material / measurement chart
Smart File Sync and Upload
Measurement Chart Linking
Sourcing and development Business Professional Enterprise
Quality and color approvals
Supplier collaboration
Certificates and traceability
Cost & Pricing Business Professional Enterprise
Configurable costing
Advanced logics
Price simulation
Process management Business Professional Enterprise
Sample tracking and comments
Gantt Chart
Collaboration Business Professional Enterprise
Messaging (external + internal)
History log
Mobile app (launch Q1 2020) + extra features + extra features
Purchase order follow up
Data management Business Professional Enterprise
Custom fields 10 Unlimited + specify pr color and size Unlimited + specify pr color and size
Integration (XML, FTP, JSON)
SKU / Barcodes
Multi language marketing texts
Bulk import (launched in 2020)
Get started Get Started Get started

Frequently asked questions

What does it require to get started?

It only requires the dedication of your team to start thinking long-term. Working mostly manually in different system may work today, but think of the benefits time and cost-wise when collections and teams are growing larger. Digitalization of product development isn’t scary – we believe in a system that helps you structure data without giving up your creative mind.

How long does it take to get started?

Unlike other IT projects, starting up in Delogue requires as little as a couple of days for the team members to get started. We can make a dedicated project leader a Superuser within only two hours and then you’re set to work on your first collection in Delogue.

Is it easy to scale up and down?

It is easy to add users as you simply request this to You will be invoiced prorate for the new user(s) i.e. for 9 months if there is 9 months left of the License Period.

You can reduce the number of users when a new subscription (License) period starts/the current period ends.

What about integration to ERP and PIM?

We are able to integrate to most ERP and PIM solutions. We will do our best to make the integration as smooth as possible. Our team has experience from various systems. Reach out to us and we will tell you about what is possible with your ERP or PIM solution..

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime. Cancellation will take effect from the new subscription (License) period . For the cancellation to take effect from the new subscription period cencelation has to be submitted 30 days prior to the new subscription period i.e. when the current License Period expires. To cancel the subscrition simply send a cancellation mail to

Anything special for educational purpose?

Working with universities is for us an educational opportunity to prepare students for their future jobs in design and product development. Exposing them to a forward thinking digitalized way of working will benefit not just their work but also the companies they will be a part of. learn more about our Academic Program.

Do you have any other questions, please reach out to us and we will help you out.

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