No need for many employees to make the Bella Ballou brand flourish. All it takes is a good overview, transparency and a single source of truth.

The importance of transparency

Being a small company doesn’t necessarily mean less issues when establishing a transparent workflow. The list of suppliers may be shorter, but a good communication is still crucial in order to simplify product management. At Bella Ballou, there’s no need for many employees to make the company flourish – all it takes is a good overview and a single source of truth.

About Bella Ballou

Bella Ballou was established in Denmark in 2008 by Tina Steentoft and Charlotte Fog Qvotrup, with a passion for creating something unique, personal and exclusive for women around the world. With a background in textile sourcing and product management, the duo was inspired by the materials and fabrics from China and India.

The identity of Bella Ballou was established with a love for silk and the beautiful process from the cocoon to the finest silk. Since then, the collection has grown to include a range of accessories in silk, cashmere, and other fine natural fibers.

We spoke with Charlotte Fog Qvortrup, co-founder of Bella Ballou, about how they use Delogue in their daily work and communication with suppliers: “Delogue makes it possible for us to handle several styles and suppliers by helping with a more structured approach. It is no doubt easier to stay on top of things.”

Implementation made simple

Introducing changes in a big and established company can be a long process in order to ensure that every employee understands how to manage a new way of working. In a smaller company, the process is different. However, it does create a demand for the solution to be as simple as possible for every user.

“Implementing Delogue was an overall great experience, and the platform is simple and understandable, which makes it easy to approach.” – Charlotte Fog Qvotrup explains about her experience with Delogue.

Easy overview over several tasks

Being co-founder of Bella Ballou, Charlotte is involved in various areas and processes within the company while handling her main work tasks within purchase and product development. Consequently, this means a big load of information, which she has to address continuously.

“I already feel how helpful Delogue is! I’m able to handle all communication and ongoing production through Delogue” – Charlotte explains and continues: “Every important document like purchase orders, invoices, packing-lists etc., are uploaded by me or the supplier. The same goes for information about EAN barcodes and other information regarding accessories – all information about every order is gathered and constantly updated.”


Due to Delogue, we can keep on handling more styles and more orders without having to hire additional employees. We definitely see Delogue as a vital part of our future growth – Charlotte Fog Qvortrup, co-founder of Bella Ballou.

Establishing a close relationship with suppliers

Bella Ballou combines ancient traditions and classic craftsmanship with modern design and graphic motifs. The scarves are hand printed one by one and the edges of the silk scarves are hand stitched according to an old tradition. Every product is made with love and care, from design to production, and the manufacturers and suppliers are viewed as friends and not just means to an end.

Working with real people and treating them with respect and as equals is one of Bella Ballou´s core values, and Charlotte Fog Qvotrup believes that being able to communicate successfully and without any hassle, is also the key to a healthy supplier relationship.

“When handling and working with our suppliers, we make it clear for every supplier that we require them to work with Delogue like we do. For me as a buyer, it’s an extremely big help that I have all information, color-approvals and various communication located within each style, instead of looking through hundreds of emails, in search for one particular answer or piece of information.” – Charlotte explains and continues: “I think, that using Delogue has made our suppliers more skilled, which has led to a smoother and more efficient process. There’s been a more professional approach in general, which has made both sides happier and has definitely improved the relationship.”

The future of Bella Ballou

With the ambition of expanding Bella Ballou’s visibility on the market, there isn’t much room for wasting valuable time: “(…) We will definitely develop more styles and probably also new product groups.  Furthermore, we count on getting more special orders, parallel to our normal orders. This will without a doubt increase the demand of having a good overview as the production will grow.” – highlights Charlotte.

Being able to develop the brand while keeping an eye on the important tasks is crucial for a brand like Bella Ballou. On top of that, it’s also a must for the company to keep developing their supplier relationship to ensure an efficient product development. This is where using Delogue can come in handy: “Due to Delogue, we can keep on handling more styles and more orders without having to hire additional employees. We definitely see Delogue as a vital part of our future growth.” – Charlotte concludes.

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