Invitation to Morning Meet-up | Become E-commerce Rockstars

Connect the design process to e-commerce

What does it take to become an e-commerce rockstar – from the start of the design process – until your product meets your customers online?

As shoppers are exposed to excellent customer experiences, they bring high expectations to their next shopping experience. Research shows that if you disappoint them, they will quickly turn to other brands.
This means a massive amount of product information to manage and control. At the same time, this increases the need for true e-commerce rockstars.

Our speakers will focus on:
Kasper Holst: Partner & omnichannel Commerce expert at IMPACT.
Kasper will tell us more about becoming an e-commerce rockstar and how to create growth. The key is to constantly be able to meet and exceed the customers’ expectations. And to be able to transform your business accordingly.

Rikke Biehl: CEO at Delogue PLM
Rikke will delve into how you can manage and control the product information in the design- and purchasing process. Hereby, how to streamline the integration between design and e-commerce

Add something extra to your morning coffee

Join us for a morning meet-up and get tips and tricks on how to become an E-commerce Rockstar.

Make sure to save a seat in Copenhagen 22nd of May
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